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Gaming can have a positive impact on young minds.


Video Games Can Make Kids Healthier, Happier, And More Successful in School 
– Forbes, September 2015

“The SuperBetter Method is now being used by hundreds of thousands of people – folks with physical injuries, PTSD, depression or maybe just a simple desire to transform their lives for the better.”  
– Jordan Shapiro, PhD

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The reports are in – Living Gamefully is beneficial to your wellbeing!

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It’s Time to Think Like a Gamer
– Psychology Today, October 2015

The Health Benefits of Living Gamefully
– US News & World Report, September 19, 2016

Different Way to Treat Depression
– Wall Street Journal, May 2014

“Playing SuperBetter for 30 days reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression…” – Courtney Rubin

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