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SuperBetter At Work® Named Top 10 Employee Wellness Solution Provider by HR Tech Outlook

The SuperBetter At Work resilience solution builds a more agile and engaged workforce.


Cleveland, Ohio (March 12, 2019) — HR Tech Outlook named SuperBetter At Work a Top 10 Wellness Solution Provider of 2019 in their upcoming June, 2019 issue.  

With today’s workforce facing unprecedented change and stress, building employee resilience – the ability to stay strong, motivated, and optimistic even in the face of change and difficult challenges  is critical for successful talent management and employee wellbeing programs. Resilient workers are more productive, show greater organizational responsiveness, have increased job satisfaction, and are less likely to miss work, show signs of stress and burnout, or quit.

SuperBetter At Work is a digital employee resilience solution that equips employees with a proven mindset and skills to manage stress, reduce burnout, and improve productivity, engagement, and emotional & mental wellbeing. SuperBetter At Work is backed by science and brings the proven SuperBetter method for building resilience to the workplace. Created by researcher and award winning game designer Jane McGonigal, the SuperBetter method has been used by nearly a million people, and its effectiveness has been validated in studies at the University of Pennsylvania and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

“The relationship between resilience, stress, and competitive advantage in today’s marketplace is undeniable,” says Michael Dolan, Founder and CEO of SuperBetter At Work. “Our mission is to build stronger, more agile, and more engaged employees who are readier than ever to thrive during this stressful time. We’re honored to be included in this esteemed list by HR Tech Outlook.”

SuperBetter At Work was named by HR Tech Outlook as a Top 10 Employee Wellness Solution Provider based on the company's capability to continually improve and deliver value in the areas of Employee Wellness management, productivity, skills, goals and challenges.

"We take pride in honoring SuperBetter At Work as one of the "Top 10 Employee Wellness Solution Providers 2019.” Today’s organizations exist in an “Attention Economy," where managing and maintaining the attention of leaders and employees has become critical to business success. SuperBetter At Work helps employers maximize employee productivity, agility, and resilience with their proven Live Gamefully® method to create a powerful mindset that changes how employees tackle their work and wellbeing goals," said Hanna Wilson, Managing Editor of HR Tech Outlook magazine.

About SuperBetter At Work

SuperBetter At Work is a digital resilience solution that equips HR human capital and employee wellbeing leaders with a proven mindset to unlock a more agile, engaged organization. Only SuperBetter At Work uses the science-backed Live Gamefully® method to equip employees with a powerful mindset to manage stress, reduce burnout, and improve performance and emotional & mental wellbeing. The unique employee experience attracts sustained engagement and encourages collaboration with colleagues and the whole company. The result is a more resilient workforce that is stronger, more productive, and readier than ever to take their organization the next level. For more, please visit www.superbetteratwork.com.

About HR Tech Outlook

Published from Fremont, California, HR Tech Outlook is a technology magazine, which gives information about the latest technologies in the industry that helps the technology, business leaders, and start-up ecosystems to achieve business goals. A panel of experts, technology leaders and board members of HR Tech Outlook magazine has finalized the “Top 10 Employee Wellness Solution Providers 2019” and shortlisted the best vendors and consultants. For more info, visit: www.hrtechoutlook.com.


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