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The Live Gamefully®

Jane McGonigal, world-renowned game designer and thought leader for applying the science of games to improve real lives, created SuperBetter and the Live Gamefully method to help herself recover from post-concussion syndrome in 2009.

Simply put, the Live Gamefully method is the ability to bring the mindset, strengths and skills of game play to tackle real-life goals and challenges. This concept was founded in research Jane completed while working on her PhD at Berkeley, where she discovered the deep, positive connection between game play and its impact on daily life.

Nearly a million people have used SuperBetter® and the Live Gamefully®  to become more resilient, and its benefits have been validated in published controlled and clinical studies.


of Americans play video games at least three hours a week - a number that has grown exponentially in the last two decades!

The SuperBetter At Work Experience

SuperBetter At Work is not another wellness e-learning platform where concepts are consumed but not practiced. Every aspect of the experience is designed with an understanding of how the human brain works to harness positive emotions and social connections in ways that are actively applied to build lasting habits.

Studies show that purposeful play builds
self-confidence and real-world problem solving skills.(1) More important, it helps people be happier, better connected and more successful in real life.(2)

SuperBetter At Work starts with a digital experience that frames resilience-building practices in a fun, social environment. Employees are encouraged to channel their own inner heroes, battle bad guys, recruit and rely on allies, activate power-ups and complete quests and adventures as they go for life’s epic wins. They learn how to apply their newly acquired mindset & skills in various ways – from tackling physical health issues to stressing less, to simply being more awesome.


Through ongoing engagement, heroes naturally adopt a new, yet familiar gameful vocabulary in and around the office. Goals become “epic wins” that are mastered with the help of allies. Obstacles are “bad guys” and new initiatives are “adventures” that move ahead with intention and purpose.


Insightful Data to Drive Engagement and Wellbeing Strategy


SuperBetter at Work brings well-rounded analytics to clients seeking both traditional tracking analysis and strategic insights. Employers gain new, actionable data about the employee population that informs improvements in wellbeing strategy. For the employee, this framework builds into proprietary algorithms that feed a more personalized user experience over time.

Data derived from population use and ongoing questionnaires that are part of game play allows a 360-degree measurement of resilience attitudes and impact.


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