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Millions have been inspired by the SuperBetter® TED Talk and New York Times best-selling book.

Now, SuperBetter At Work™ brings the proven power of SuperBetter into the workplace. Our mission is to unlock the heroic potential of organizations and individuals to help them achieve their biggest epic wins.

SuperBetter At Work is a strategic partnership between SuperBetter LLC and Abound Wellbeing, a mission-driven, private-equity backed health improvement company.

Our promise

SuperBetter At Work is a place where employees explore a journey that is uniquely relevant to their life and work goals. Along the way, they’re equipped with a powerful new mindset that makes them stronger and more able to build lasting positive habits in all areas of their everyday lives.

In contrast to traditional e-learning, our fresh, yet familiar approach uses gameful design to connect a rich digital experience with simple real-life actions that drive sustained individual engagement and company-wide impact. This is the essence of our SuperBetter Live Gamefully® method, which is powered by validated connections in game science, positive psychology and behavior change to fuel transformation now and over time.

Our leadership

Technology Development
Partnerships + Employer Sales

Advisory board

Thank you to our distinguished advisors who guide us toward our vision.

Jane McGonigal
Chief Science Officer, SuperBetter LLC

Keith Wakeman
CEO, SuperBetter LLC

Adam DeVito
CEO, Monj

Blake Squires
Principal, Hatch

Dave Campbell
Founder, Campbell Holdings

Bill Ryan
Former Chair, USI Insurance

let’s be allies

SuperBetter At Work is a resilience solution designed to complement and strengthen employee wellbeing programs.

This solution is best suited for companies that seek to:

Maximize investments in health, wellness and wellbeing. Many employees miss out on great programs because they’re unaware or unprepared. SuperBetter At Work guides employees to solutions when they’re ready - the best time to capitalize on individual motivation.

Invest in tomorrow’s leaders today. Many companies struggle to offer programs that excite and inspire younger workers. SuperBetter At Work engages employees of all ages, including tech-savvy millennials who are motivated by fun, meaningful learning experiences.

Introduce employees to leading solutions. The science behind the benefits of resilience is not new, but resilience concepts are just starting to catch fire as a driving force for productivity and retention. SuperBetter At Work pairs proven science with non-traditional methods, appealing to employers who value innovative practices.


If you care about...

Empowering employees
• Unlock their heroic potential
• Integrate demands from work and life
• Help them stay productive and creative through stress and chaos

Keeping employees engaged and healthy through personal and/or business adversity

Building resilience as a determining factor in job satisfaction and success


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