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We envision a world where organizations thrive, and every employee and team is stronger for life – in the workplace and beyond.

Nearly a million people so far have used SuperBetter to increase resilience and tackle real-life challenges. Millions more have been inspired by Jane McGonigal’s SuperBetter TED Talk and New York Times best-selling book. The SuperBetter method is proven effective for building resilience and improving mental wellbeing in peer-reviewed published studies from leading universities.

Now, SuperBetter At Work is bringing SuperBetter and its scientifically proven methodology to the workplace. Our mission is to unlock the heroic potential of organizations by making workforces stronger and more successful with the proven science of resilience.

SuperBetter At Work is a product of Abound Wellbeing, LLC, a privately-held human capital and employee wellbeing solutions company. The SuperBetter trademark and method are used under license from SuperBetter, LLC.  

Our promise

To deliver an engaging digital experience with simple, real-world actions to create a more resilient, agile, and engaged workforce to enable you to achieve your wellbeing and human capital goals.

let’s be allies

SuperBetter At Work is a resilience solution designed to complement and strengthen employee wellbeing  and human capital programs.

This solution is best suited for companies that seek to:

Maximize employee productivity, agility, and resilience. SuperBetter At Work goes beyond just educating employees, and instead uses the proven Live Gamefully® method to create a powerful mindset that changes how employees tackle their work and wellbeing goals.

Build sustained engagement and company-wide collaboration. The SuperBetter At Work employee experience is uniquely social and designed to gamefully foster teamwork through peer-to-peer support and whole company collaboration.

Generate actionable employee insights and inform HR strategy. Employees receive real-time feedback and a tailored experience to achieve the goals that matter most to them. Administrators can track the progress of their workforce and obtain novel insights to inform HR strategy.

Innovate and see results. Every aspect of SuperBetter At Work is designed to increase the 7 psychological strengths that boost resilience. Practicing these strengths equips employees with the skills to tackle real-life goals and challenges.

Learn how we can be your ally for a more agile, engaged workforce.

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