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New SuperBetter At Work® Helps Employers Build a More Resilient Workforce

Proven SuperBetter® game science solution for the workplace debuts at the Conference Board Resilience & Well-Being Conference.


New York, NY (October 5, 2017) -- SuperBetter LLC has partnered with Abound Wellbeing™ to bring its powerful, evidence-based SuperBetter® Live Gamefully™ methodology into the employee wellness market. This new resilience solution, SuperBetter At Work®, will be unveiled at the Conference Board Resilience & Well-Being Conference on October 5th and 6th in New York.

With the accelerating pace of change facing today’s employees, it’s never been more important for employers to build a resilient workforce in order to remain competitive and thrive,” says Michael Dolan, CEO of Abound Wellbeing. “That’s why we are thrilled to be able to apply proven SuperBetter game science to improve workplace resilience and wellbeing. SuperBetter At Work leverages the SuperBetter Live Gamefully methodology to unlock employees’ strengths or “superpowers” and tackle the challenges they encounter at work and at home.”

SuperBetter At Work is designed specifically for the workplace and creates a mindset that harnesses the strengths we use when we play games to achieve goals and tackle challenges in real life. When employees use SuperBetter At Work, they go for epic wins in real life by battling bad guys, activating power-ups and completing quests.

Created by award winning game designer and New York Times best-selling author Jane McGonigal, SuperBetter has helped more than 700,000 users overcome real life challenges and is backed by studies at the University of Pennsylvania and Ohio State University, which show that it can increase resilience, optimism, self-efficacy, social support, satisfaction with life, reduce anxiety and depression, and help with recovery.

“Achieving an ‘epic win’ in real life takes a different mindset….the mindset of someone who believes that something good is possible, that we can learn something new and improve every day, and that we can eventually achieve goals that might have seemed impossible before we discovered and developed the full strength of our allies, our gameful mindset, our inner resilience,” says McGonigal. “SuperBetter At Work will help employees shift their thinking so that they are better equipped to tackle real-world problems in the workplace, achieve epic wins, and become the hero of their own story.”

SuperBetter At Work will be launching in early 2018.

About Abound Wellbeing

Abound Wellbeing is a health improvement company that equips employees and organizations to thrive in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. The company’s flagship product, SuperBetter At Work, is a resilience solution that uses the proven SuperBetter Live Gamefully® methodology to transform the workplace with gameful resilience.  Abound Wellbeing is an exclusive licensee of SuperBetter LLC in the U.S. employee wellness market.  For more information, visit SuperBetterAtWork.com. 

About SuperBetter LLC

SuperBetter LLC is a resilience and mental health company on an epic journey to unlock the heroic potential of organizations, communities and individuals around the world. The company brings its proven Live Gamefully® methodology, contemporary engaging brand, and fully customized versions of SuperBetter® digital and curriculum based solutions to large and high value markets through mission-aligned strategic partnerships. For more information, visit SuperBetter.com.


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