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Resilient Employees Build Heroic Organizations.

SuperBetter At Work™ is a resilience solution that helps employees thrive by applying gameful strengths like optimism, strategic thinking and teamwork to become stronger in all areas of their lives.


SuperBetter At Work taps into the mindset of game play to help employees tackle real-life goals and challenges. Skills developed impact workplace culture, cultivate collaboration, and elevate both individual and team performance and productivity.


Almost half of all Americans regularly play video games.

– Entertainment Software Association

SuperBetter: Validated for Victory

  In published clinical and randomized controlled studies from leading universities, using SuperBetter created resilience in two ways:


Improved Protective Factors



Life satisfaction

Perceived social support


Reduced Obstacles

Less anxiety

Fewer symptoms
of depression

Less hopelessness

SuperBetter At Work creates A stronger, more resilient mindset and a transformative approach to life.


Designed for the workplace

• Actionable insight. Includes reporting and analytics to optimize engagement and inform other areas of wellbeing strategy.

• Addresses personally relevant life goals. Employees may choose to grow specific life skills like eating better, career building and living with purpose (to name a few).

• Simple implementation. Turnkey to administer and manage.

Forged within a powerful brand

SuperBetter At Work is founded in the work of Jane McGonigal, a world-renowned game designer. Jane’s SuperBetter TED Talk is #2 on the list of “Surprisingly Viral TED Talks” and has been viewed over 6 million times.